Advanced AI for the Reverse Supply Chain

Simplifying Reverse Logistics by leveraging Industry Expertise and Analytics. Automating Reverse Value chain with next-Gen IoT solutions, AI-smart Products and Intelligent Robotics.

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Intelligent Vision-Based Gear Inspection System

The Problem Statement: India’s leading Automotive manufacturer wanted to establish a robust system for inspecting gears. Gears are a critical...

Why is Cosmetic Grading Important?

Cosmetic Grading The importance of mobile phones has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Their scope has...

What should you know about Visual Inspection with AI?

Visual Inspection The present and future of visual inspection with artificial intelligence have indeed become an important facet. It may...

Performing Quality Management in Reverse Logistics

Performing Quality Management in Reverse Logistics: Cosmetic Grading System is the Key! Quality Management in Reverse Logistics with the help of the Cosmetic...

Business Perks of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation Robotic process automation, also called RPA, has become a great way to cut labor costs in the business...

Products and Services

Reverse Inventory Assessment and Management

Automate your Reverse Inventory Intake, Assessment, and Management

Using innovative software and IoT products developed by Phoenix Innovations and Griffyn Robotech, automate your receiving of reverse inventory, cleaning, quality assessment, valuation, and storage management.

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Products and Services

Supply Chain Data Management Solutions

Manage and Monitor all your Supply Chain Data

With Phoenix Innovation’s product suite. Maximize your supply chain efficiency, make informed decisions, and track the operations. With over thousands of items processed every day, make an accurate prediction of the liquidations value and understand your operational efficiency. 

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Robotics and Industry 4.0

A comprehensive suite of product and automation solutions for your operations.

We provide a complete set of tools for smart industry and automation. Our AI-based platform offers automated processing capabilities for reverse logistics. With our expertise in the field, we cater to conceptualization, design, mechanical, and electrical integration or execution, depending on your requirement.

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Information Technology Services

A multi-domain Product Development and Services Company

Xcaliber Infotech, helps clients innovate, identify, and deliver modern integrated technology platforms. It enables an effective digital transformation of their business. Our services range from Enterprise Architecture, mobility, cloud-native, integration services to business insights and strategy consulting. 

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Products and Services

FPGA Design and Embedded Services

Empowering FPGA Design and Embedded Services

Griffyn Robotech and Bit Mapper Integration Services work together on FPGA and Embedded designs, making IIoT a real deal with smart sensors and devices. The Industry-4.0 real-time analytics and edge computing power your industrial automation.


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