About Us

Phoenix Group Journey Overview

The Journey so far

Founded by Mr. Amit Mahajan in 2016, Phoenix group is a global organization headquartered in the USA, comprising four companies.

Phoenix group companies are- Phoenix Innovations, Griffyn Robotech, Xcaliber Infotech, and Bit Mapper Integration technologies.

Amit, along with Ameya Kandalkar, identified the need to solve the reverse logistics, supply chain, and robotic automation challenges across the globe. The group operates in four countries with a mission to create a sustainable future through Strong Engineering, AI, and robotics.

The group firmly believes in conducting business with integrity and fairness with an invariable commitment. Phoenix group remains fully dedicated to growing its businesses while contributing to a prosperous society.

Anchored by a force of over 400 employees belonging to multiple nationalities, Phoenix Group is built on a solid foundation of stakeholder value creation. We believe in nurturing our biggest asset, our people. Each Phoenix company or enterprise operates independently, intending to relentlessly innovate and create a sustainable future.

Phoenix Group’s CSR initiatives are spearheaded through Om Philanthropy Foundation. This foundation focuses on several initiatives such as education for the underprivileged, environmental sustenance, and overcoming hunger by providing means to live. The proud employees of Phoenix Group contribute actively to various initiatives taken by the foundation.

Our Leadership

A persistent team of people led by Mr. Amit Mahajan embarked on a journey, a journey that would eventually develop great ideas and became home for ingenious innovation.