About Us

The Phoenix Group Journey Overview

The Phoenix Group™ is a global organization headquartered in the United States. Comprising four prominent companies—Phoenix Innovations, Griffyn Robotech, Xcaliber Infotech, and Bit Mapper Integration Technologies—The Phoenix Group™ is committed to addressing the challenges of reverse logistics, supply chain optimization, embedded electronics design, artificial intelligence, and robotic automation on a global scale.

The Phoenix Group™ operates across four countries, striving to create a sustainable future by leveraging embedded engineering, Artificial Intelligence, industrial robotics, and defence systems design. The group is unwavering in its commitment to conducting business ethically and responsibly. As we continue to grow our businesses, we remain dedicated to contributing to the prosperity of society.

At the heart of The Phoenix Group’s success lies a dynamic workforce of more than 700 employees. We firmly believe in the value of our people and prioritize their growth and development. Each of our companies operates independently and together, fostering a culture of relentless innovation.

At The Phoenix Group™, we aspire to positively impact society while delivering excellence in our operations. We invite you to explore our work and learn more about our innovative solutions, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to creating a safe, and prosperous future for all.

Our Leadership

A persistent team of people lead by Mr. Amit Mahajan embarked on a journey, that would eventually develop great ideas and became home for ingenious innovation.