How the Govt’s PLI Scheme will Shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution in India

The 21st century is witnessing a significant shift in the paradigm of the industrial world. With newer technologies such as smartphones, 5G, AI-ML, cloud computing, and more making their way into the mainstream production environments, nearly every single industry is set to witness a complete overhaul of the way it works. The term industry 4.0 is commonly used nowadays to refer to this phenomenon, also being touted as the fourth industrial revolution. Naturally, every responsible government is trying to bank on it and transform itself into one that promotes the latest, most modern industrial hubs of this new and dynamic global order. The Government of India is one of the leading powers trying to secure its position on the global map as a leading exporter of IT, finished goods, raw materials, food security, and energy.

The vision of the GoI

Keeping in view the long-term as well as short-term goals for this, the GoI came up with the Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP). The PMP is designed to boost the production and manufacturing of globally demanded indigenously manufactured goods, including, but not limited to, electric vehicles, cellular devices, and their parts and accessories.

“The vision of National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE 2019) is to position India as a global hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) by encouraging and driving capabilities in the country for developing core components and creating an enabling environment for the industry to compete globally”, says the official statement from the government on this matter.

In tandem with the PMP, and to incentivise production, there is also the Production-Linked Incentive scheme which aims to improve the manufacturing speed and quality. All these policies are designed to boost the production of Made in India goods for the domestic and international markets.

What the Future Holds For Us

Indians have made significant advances in science and technology in the last decade. We carry out more digital transactions than anyone else in the world on a daily basis; we have also reached Mars and have our flag on the moon already. Meanwhile, we are also building factories and constructing roads with the latest innovations and globally competitive technology on the ground. The future, for now, looks very bright and promising. As a company contributing to those efforts, we have high hopes of being at the forefront of innovation, helping transform the nation into a global industrial power.

What is Griffyn doing on that front?

Griffyn Robotech was founded in 2018 with the vision to make India self-reliant in industrial automation and contribute to this aim to the fullest. Griffyn Robotech has a portfolio of multiple industrial automation products and AI-powered robotic systems as a proud venture that believes wholly in the Make in India dream. These systems aren’t just made in India. These products are also designed in India to speed up factories. Keeping in view the motive of the Govt. Of India, we have made products that will assist in making the factories of tomorrow globally competitive.

Our products are currently designed to test and assist in quality assurance of electronic and handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, infotainment systems, HMIs, Home Automation systems, and much more. Only our imagination limits our capabilities. With a whole suite of products that can test a product from inside out*, your electronic devices that leave for the market will always go with 100% quality assurance. The expert engineers at Griffyn are also

capable of fully or partially automating material handling, gluing and sealing, end-of-line production process, and packaging and palletizing of finished goods at any given factory.

This step is a giant leap toward automation of industrial processes, which are bound to make the factories of tomorrow capable of churning out far higher volumes of work than we can today. Automation is the industry’s future and will drive the 4th industrial revolution. As a company focussed on innovation and transformation, we will transform how factories work to create the industrial hub of tomorrow.

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